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Get Inspired!

This month saw the return of the Clerkenwell Design Week and Kristiana, our interior designer, headed to London for day one to ‘walk her socks off’.

This annual event is getting bigger and better every year.  There’s no way you will see everything you want to unless you plan your trip.  Kris set aside some time to plan the day.  We knew she wouldn’t get around everything, however, it’s always good to plan a route.

Kris put together a design hit list of the creative events she wanted to check out and off she went. Read her design journey below!

Lighting – Light at Fabric Night Club – so, what’s in store in the vaults this year?

The exhibition is dedicated to top international lighting brands with astounding stand-alone lighting installations.

This installation above is by Marc Wood Studio, which is a Pleated Crystal Cluster. This has got to be one of my favourites as it gives you that industrial look.

Above – Lighting by Naomi Paul – Simple Shade Collection in technicolour. These are handcrafted crocheted pendant lights, such beautiful pieces and they would work brilliantly in a reception area or boutique hotel lobby. I love them!

Behind Closed Doors by Hakwood

This project has been built at the entrance of Spa Fields. It has its own unique pattern with the same colour pallet. Each house includes a small door revealing a series of miniature interiors designed by various architects, demonstrating that any interior and any décor is an open door for creative inspiration. This piece is very inviting as it lets visitors like me interact with the installation and explore all the rooms. It has been made by Hakwood, a brand that specialises in wooden cladding and flooring, in collaboration with the design and construction studio Shape London.

The miniature scenes contain Hakwood flooring and are decorated by different architecture practice from the South East London community to create a true mix of design styles.

Zaha Hadid Gallery

As I was heading to my next destination, I came across Zaha Hadid Gallery. They had an exhibition ‘ZHA: Unbuilt’ which features a selection of unrealised designs illustrating the continuous process of Zaha Hadid Architects ongoing design investigation.

They showcased several of her design concepts in 3D printing, which are out of this world and so inspiring. This has got to be one of my favourites.

Zaha left her legacy behind, she will always remain a woman of much respect and an inspiration for all who pursue greatness.

One of the iconic works of Zaha Hadid.

Next Generation Design Pavilion

Project supported by – AKT II, Grimshaw, Jewson, WUP Doodle, Simple Rhino and Callprint.

A pavilion designed by GCSE students from around London. The concept for this year is sustainability, it consists of layers of coloured rope that forms a geometric design. As you look through the kaleidoscope filter, there is an observation point oriented to the sky, a symbol of the optimism for future generations. A strategic point from which is possible to look towards the sky and nature, and also think about the importance of the environment.

Milliken Carpets

We have just completed a project at Media City with these guys so I had to stop by and see their showroom.

The fabulous showroom showcased their stunning carpet collections. As we have used their company for our previous project, it’s great to see their main office in London and explore their full range of carpet. Also looking at their new collection is always great for inspiration.

A Piece of Sky

Designed by Stephen Huerlemann

A wonderful interactive installation from @skyframe_global – The experience is surreal, it gives you a beautiful view of the Earth from Space that incorporates the sounds of the earth that have been recorded by NASA. It also plays quotes from astronauts when you press the button. It was such a unique and amazing idea! It tells an amazing story, like a time traveller. It really does take you away from your hectic everyday life.

Brinton Carpets

The beautiful carpets installation at Clerkenwell Design Week was definitely not to be missed. It is one of the world’s leading manufacture of high-quality woven carpets operating in both commercial and residential markets. Each carpets has its own significant design and meaning.

This image is from their Craigned Collections with Brintons Carpets.

Royal Approval

I came across another amazing installation by Kinetech Design in Collaboration with Amari Interiors, Applelec and Timberfusion.  This piece is inspired by Shakespearean performances and a design that mirrors the infamous fashion of Elizabeth 1st. Indulging the rich history of the location held at St, Johns Gate and Elizabeth Ruffs.

Structures based on origami architecture. Their concept is to build transformative and flexible solutions with a highly visual and spatial impact.


I can’t wait to go again next year.  I think you definitely need to stop over and explore all of the days.  I will be putting next year’s dates in the diary.

I hope you like the post and feel inspired to attend Clerkenwell 2019.