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Other Services


Bev has spoken at countless industry conferences, hosted, presented and delivered award shows as well as contributed to industry discussions as part of expert panels. To find out more about Working with Bev and 5 reasons why you should choose me to speak at your next event or be part of your next panel discussion click the link below.

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You might be looking to develop your experience in a specific area, you might want to hone your current skills, or you could simply be looking to build your confidence. The difference between good mentors and great mentors is their level of experience and expertise and their ability to use this knowledge to help you develop and grow.

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Visualisation Services

Our team have been creating stunning CGI (Computer Generated Images) for almost two decades. Using the latest 3D software, we can generate photorealistic visuals to help you to view your scheme in life-like quality.  CGI visuals can be used for planning submissions, decision making, publicity and much more. Visuals are a great way to demonstrate the overall creative vision for a scheme and provide a clear overview of what to expect in the finished design.  CGI’s offer the flexibility to tweak and change materials, colours, and finishes before committing to the manufacture, construction, or the shop fitting stages. There are many examples of our visualisation work throughout the ‘our work’ section and we provide our visualisation services as a stand-alone offer or as part of our overall design service to you.

Furniture Procurement

We have the knowledge and expertise to guide our clients through every step of the project from concept to implementation.  We work with the manufacturers and suppliers, on behalf of our clients, to negotiate procurement terms, finalise specifications, obtain quotations and can place orders on your behalf.  We always keep our clients fully informed of every stage of the procurement journey and pride ourselves on having developed long standing relationships with furniture suppliers up and down the country.  We never miss deadlines, and our clients come back time and time again.

Merchandising Advice

Merchandising considers how your customers view and interact with products in a retail setting. There are techniques to ensuring interactions are as impactful as possible. These involve organising products into groups, setting up promotional displays, thinking about how to stage the products and tracking results of merchandising efforts. Understanding merchandising techniques, how to implement them, and how they impact your business is essential to sustaining your product sales growth.

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