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Why have a mentor?

You might be looking to develop your experience in a specific area, you might want to hone your current skills, or you could simply be looking to build your confidence. The difference between good mentors and great mentors is their level of experience and expertise and their ability to use this knowledge to help you develop and grow.

As your mentor, I will not be doing everything for you, however, I will provide the tools and guidance you need. As a mentee, you must be willing to assume responsibility for your learning, ask questions, actively participating in the conversations, and finally agree to action the outcomes from each session.

Remember, I will not be able to read your mind, so come with a list of needs and what you want to get from the mentoring sessions.  Be honest and open and be confident that I am here to help you.


I am always happy to have a no-obligation chat about your mentoring needs and if I cannot help you, I will know someone who can.