Lancashire based Interior designers bringing space to life

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What we do

All of our services are offered individually or as a package, depending on the needs of your project. We don’t charge for an initial discussion and offer various ways to engage our services. Whatever route you choose, you can relax in the knowledge that your project is being managed by experienced creative professionals.

Design Advisory Service

For an hour of our time, you receive practical and creative advice for adding value to your business. Are you thinking of some minor space moves to improve your working operation, but don’t know where to start? We can advise you on what you should consider, what is feasible and what it might cost.

Design Feasibility Service

For a week or more of our creative input, we take a more strategic approach to your project. We undertake feasibility studies for clients to determine the viability of an idea. A feasibility study evaluates the project’s potential for success and provides a clear picture of your idea. There are many benefits to initiating a feasibility study. It provides a focus and validates the reason to undertake the project.It also evaluates multiple parameters and aids decision-making.


Sketched compositions save enormous amounts of time and are used to explore multiple ways to investigate your design brief. Sketch development enables us to provide you with multiple options, before moving the designs into development stages. We storyboard the briefing requirements, and to support our conceptual work, we draw upon examples from industry and use images to convey our conceptual visual directions.


We have a vast amount of experience in developing concepts through to implementation. We can prepare drawings and other presentation materials to consolidate the design concept. We can source suppliers and contractors to deliver the design solution and create specification documentation to communicate materials, finishes and colours. We provide AutoCAD drawings, three-dimensional coloured visuals as well as programme and cost schedules to ensure your design is thoroughly developed.

Supplier Management

We are experienced in managing all of the suppliers required to deliver a project. We have a number of reliable companies we regularly work with who understand the standards we expect and whom we manage on our client’s behalf.

Visualisation Service

Our team have been creating stunning CGI (Computer Generated Images) for almost two decades. Using the latest 3D software, we can generate photorealistic visuals to help you to view your scheme in life-like quality.  CGI visuals can be used for planning submissions, decision making, publicity and much more. Visuals are a great way to demonstrate the overall creative vision for a scheme and provide a clear overview of what to expect in the finished design.  CGI’s offer the flexibility to tweak and change materials, colours, and finishes before committing to the manufacture, construction, or the shop fitting stages.

Furniture Procurement

We have formed a relationship with one of the largest furniture suppliers to be able to offer our clients all types of furniture for their project needs. We can work with you to determine the furniture you require and then can order it on your behalf as well as deliver and install it for you.

Implementation Management

We have delivered many schemes from concept to completion and have successfully delivered schemes with project values from 5K to 1.6Million. We establish and agree the aims of the project (large or small) from the outset as well as the budget and timescale parameters. Communication is key to managing the implementation process and 80% of our projects have included this service.