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5 reasons why you should choose me to speak at your next event or be part of your next panel discussion.

  1. I deliver Interesting Content
    I can tailor my material to appeal to the audience. I have seen so many speakers on the circuit and it gets boring hearing the same stuff repeatedly.  I do the research, draw upon my years of experience, and deliver content people want to hear. Your audience will go away with relevant advice, actionable take-away’s and lots more.
  2. I am reliable
    Have you been to events where the key-note speaker does not show up. I have heard all the excuses and with the exceptions of death, accidents or family emergencies, there is no excuse for letting people down. I am relatable, likeable and audiences’ rate me as an ‘excellent’ speaker, in their feedback for events.
  3. I am a woman
    It can sometimes be challenging to find good female speaker. Booking a strong, knowledgeable female speaker or panel member for your event, will help to diversify your line up. As someone who attends many events, an all-male line up will not reflect your audience.
  4. I can draw upon life experiences
    My career spans over 3 decades in the creative industries. I have developed consumer goods, redefined streetscapes, retail environments, visitor attractions and even rubbed shoulders with royalty.
  5. I am easy to work with
    Everyone is always crazily busy and the last thing anyone needs is a speaker who is ‘high maintenance’. I am very straight forward to deal with, I communicate promptly and efficiently and once you have booked me for your event or panel, I will turn up. You will always be able to get hold of me and I am happy to attend meetings/rehearsals etc. and you will not have to chase me up for my content.  I am very tech-savvy and can save out my material in whatever format works for you.


I am always happy to have a no-obligation chat about your event needs.