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Canal & River Trust – Standedge Waterside Cafe


The Canal and River Trust are a charity responsible for 2,000 miles of canals, rivers, docks, and reservoirs, along with museums, archives, and the country’s third largest collection of protected historic buildings.  The trust is supported through several advisory committees covering freight and navigation to volunteering and heritage. These groups provide advice direct to the management of the trust.  Standedge Tunnel holds significant historical significance and attracts many visitors and canal users and enthusiasts.  The café offer was dated and in need of refurbishment to compete with other food offers close by.


BWD were invited to redesign the existing café to make the café feel ‘home from home’. The design needed to consider the servery operation, which dominates the space as you enter the café.  The client wanted to create a warm friendly environment, increase the number of diners possible in the building and showcase the café’s quality food offer.


BWD have designed, sourced all the suppliers involved and project managed the implementation of what is a very homely, comfortable, and friendly café space.  The space splits into three distinct spaces.  The counter location was positioned in the first area, with access to customers toilets, a storeroom, and the rear of the building.  You enter the café in the 2nd space which is designed to encourage family dining.  The seating is wipe clean and practical, there is a banquette seating area for larger groups and tables are square to enable grouping, as needed.  The third space is designed to encourage older diners who prefer an upholstered chair and a more formal dining experience.  The spaces are visually connected by the colour palette, materials, and finishes.  We have also considered the large numbers of dog walkers that visit the café, by providing a volunteer-made drinking station.