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Manchester Arndale

About client

Manchester Arndale is an indoor shopping centre in the heart of Manchester City Centre. With over 200 stores, Manchester Arndale is one of Manchester’s top shopping destinations.


Inside Live Event Units
Manchester Arndale was looking to create modular event units that would ‘bring to life’ their quarterly magazine publication ‘Inside’.

The units had to represent the content of the magazine and needed to be updated with branded messages, easily stored, erected and transport throughout the shopping centre environment.

The units had to be finished to the highest quality and designed in such a way to be re-used throughout several planned events.

What we delivered

bwd designed and organised the manufactured of the event stands as well as make-up demonstration units for Manchester Arndale’s four day magazine promotional event. To enable the client to update the units with new branded messages, the units incorporated magnetic graphics as well as build details to be able to dismantle easily for storage. Since designing the original units, bwd have created smaller units which are still being used in the shopping centre today.