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XMAS 2016

Have you finished your shopping yet?  We haven’t either!  Not wishing to worry you but it is about three weeks to Christmas.

We thought, like last year, we would share some of the Christmas decorating trends this year.

If you haven’t thought about how you will decorate your home, your tree or your table, take a look below.


2016 has been about rich muted colours as well as bold colours and this is set to continue into 2017. Interior design trends are heading towards colours of the eighties.  Yes, it’s true!!!  Some of us here at bwd remember the eighties very well and we see 80’s influences in graphic, web design and marketing materials.  This trend is set to continue into 2017.  We love the pin striped table decorations.  A bit of a throwback to those pinstripe suits from the 80’s.

So what else is going on this Christmas?


Love them or hate them, it’s all about centrepieces this year. Most are all still relatively traditional, however, the trend is for bigger and more prominent this year.  We have showcased a selection of those being shared on platforms like Pinterest to offer you a bit of inspiration.  We love the ‘upcycled’ wine bottles.


Christmas wreaths are very much in fashion for 2016 and many of the designs around are handmade or have a rustic feel.


The handmade/DIY trend is still as strong this year as it was last.  Paper craft too is a strong theme as is ornamental figures cut from timber. Knitted baubles seem to be a feature of this year and as well as sweets and food-based decorations.  We love the candy cane ideas doing the rounds this year.


Our offices are not too far from Blackpool so we are used to seeing bright lights and over-the-top street decorations.  What we have noticed this year that there is a trend for large Christmas outdoor features.  The sort of features trending this year are usually seen in retail shop windows rather than people’s gardens.  We have collated some the ones we quite like.  All of them are great if you have a garden and a large one.  Let us know if you spot any of these where you live.